Start Blogging

Then stop abruptly.
And then start again. Three cheers for (self-)forgiveness!

Yeah. Yeah. Almost a month has passed since I last updated NLHAE. So I guess, in that sense, I’ve failed my quest to start blogging. After all, with over 30 days in, I should be a veteran by now. Where’s that reset button, anyway?

In my defense, I have been keeping busy — winning at some things and not-so-much at others. In the win column, we have:
1) learn more about/get into marketing
2) do more home cookin’
3) keep active in the job search
4) get a professional “look” going on

And in the bordering-on-failure column:
1) go to yoga regularly (total yoga class count: 10)
2) keep up with the damn blog
3) stay positive in your new surroundings

In the interest of staying positive, I’ll be elaborating on the above win column in future posts. Next up: my own marketing strategy. How’s that for a fucking cliffhanger.


Get a Haircut

This seems like a very small task to most, I realize, but Old Jess would have done the walk-in thing, paid about $35 and left with barely an inch gone.

But here’s what I did instead: Not only did I get my haircut, but I also made an appointment a day in advance, brought pictures with me, invested a little extra coinage, and got a Big Girl Hairstyle. Meaning, I’ve parted ways with my long, messy, layered hair and there’s no looking back. I turned 30 this fall and, goddammit, I shouldn’t be getting IDed anymore.

This cut goes better with job hunting, anyway. As an added bonus, glasses make me look all “sexy librarian,” and this hair takes far less time to blowdry.

Con: My collection of long jackets make me look awkward, like Margot Tenenbaum.


Get Cultured and History-ied

Still red faced from hot yoga, I hit up Okotoks’ city hall, museum and art gallery this morning. Shit was tight. These people really take pride in their town.

One of the reasons I instantly liked Okotoks was because of their old town area, with its historic, beautiful buildings. This is a rarity in the Calgary area, I gather.

I’d love to relay a few yarns about ye’ olde frontier days but I’ve already forgotten everything I learned this morning. Oh, wait. Here’s one: The town was founded by some men whose oxen wandered off during a blizzard, leaving them stranded. Then they looked at each other, said, “fuck it,” and settled here. That being said, there were plenty of indigenous people who lived here first, and the town is named for the Blackfoot First Nation’s* word Okhotok — meaning big rock. There is a huge-ass rock (two, if you ask me) in the middle of the plains. It was pushed there by glaciers, or, if you’re Christian, you can think of it as “God’s dice.” He was a gamblin’ man, right?

The art gallery was abuzz with people getting ready for the annual Light Up Okotoks festival, which takes place tomorrow. Hot chocolate, carolers, wagon rides. Whatever. Sounds cute.

Bought a little something. It speaks to me. It reminds me of The Alchemist, the Camino de Santiago and Alberta — all in one. Pretty cute.


*Thank you, Wikipedia.


Holy mackerel. I have spent the last week doggedly clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of spam emails (and jumping through the requisite hoops) in an effort to get my inbox under control. Finally, the flow of useless email has subsided.

There should be a national Unsubscribe from Spam Day. If everyone spent a whole 15 minutes a year ridding themselves of crappy, repetitive, inbox-jamming spam (I was in Chicago ONCE, Priceline — ONCE!) imagine how much time would be saved. Not to mention, you’d be defending yourself against future moments of sad, brought on by the realization that your iPhone is not dinging because someone loves you, but because some massive corporation wants your money.

Man. Just writing that made me want to punch myself in the face and, at the same time, write a news release and send it to National Unsubscribe Day sounds like feasible filler for a slow news day, don’t it?

I wonder if I can make money on that.

Breadmaking II


This time with more beer.
Nice and crusty. Went well with this.

Side note: No job prospects yet, but snowboarding in Banff yesterday singlehandedly made this move worth it.

Hot yoga

You should totally try hot yoga — you’d love it, said everyone ever.

Today, I tried it. I liked it. And not just that. Signed up for the whole month — unlimited classes. Next challenge: go to another class, and then another, and so on.



Mothafuckin’ bread, boys and girls.
I ate some. With cheese. It was delish.

Click the photo for the recipe.